Publisher Terms of service

By filling out and submitting registration form on, applicant (hereinafter referred to as “Publisher”) agrees to accept and be bound by company Claro LT, UAB (which owns (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”):


Traffic Guarantee

In connection with these Terms, Publisher guarantees to use Company’s advertising feed(s) originating from Publisher’s website(s) or network of websites. Publisher shall do their best to ensure that traffic sent to customer data that is provided via Company’s feed(s) is legitimate and use their best efforts to ensure that all traffic is free from fraudulent activity. All earnings from traffic, which is generated from fraudulent activity, will be terminated and may cause termination of the relationships with Publisher.



  • Publisher shall be paid in accordance with the statistics data generated and updated by Company based on Publisher’s traffic and available to Publisher’s reference on permanent basis.
  • Publisher is responsible for any taxes, which must be payed and declared by publisher local country tax rules for Company payments.
  • The rate paid for each click shall be passed and determined in the XML data stream.
  • Payments will be issued on weekly basis (meaning that the payment for previous week earnings will be paid by the end of the next week)
  • All billing fees occurring from payouts shall be fully covered by Publisher. Payment methods and fees available for Publisher to receive payouts for the traffic provided are the following:
    • PayPal – Minimum payout $10. Company does not charge any fees but PayPal might charge 3-5% fee, depending on country of origin, PayPal account and amount.
    • Payoneer - Minimum payout $50. Company does not charge any fees but Payoneer might charge additional fees, depending on country of origin, Payoneer account and amount.
    • European Wire Transfer in EUR curency (SEPA payment) – Minimum payout $500. Company does not charge any fees, but receiver bank might charge additional fees depending of bank terms of service.
    • International Wire Transfer in USD currency - Minimum payout $500. Company charge 20 USD fee, but receiver bank might charge additional fees depending of bank terms of service.
  • Payouts shall be requested by Publisher according to previously arranged payments schedule by withdrawal requests on Company’s website and by additionally issued invoices.

Obligations and Warranties

  • Publisher and Company are entering these relationships as independent contractors, and these Terms shall not be construed to create a partnership, joint venture or employment relationships between them. Neither shall represent themselves to be an employee or agent of the other or enter into any agreement on the other’s behalf of or in the other’s name.
  • Publisher and Company shall monitor and periodically test the general availability and operation of their website(s) or network of websites to ensure that either party has reasonable access to each website, service and statistics.
  • Should any click rate discrepancy of more than five percent (5%) occur in Publisher’s and Company’s traffic statistics data, Publisher and Company agree to work together diligently and in good faith to resolve such discrepancies.


Publisher and Company shall agree not to disclose confidential information without written mutual consent. Confidential information includes without limitation all software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines, data, statistics and documentation connected to relationships between Publisher and Company.


Termination of Relationships

  • Publisher may terminate relationships with Company with or without cause at any time by sending written notice of their intention to cancel traffic provision to Company via email. These Terms will be deemed terminated within ten (10) business days of Company’s receipt of Publisher’s written notice.
  • Company may at any time, in their sole discretion, terminate all or part of the relationships with Publisher for any reason.
  • Advertiser reserves the right to terminate without notice Company for insufficient number of valid clicks.

Disputes Resolution

  • These Terms shall be governed by the Laws of Lithuania, except for its Conflict of Laws principles.
  • Publisher and Company shall seek amicable resolution to any disputes arising from these Terms.
  • Should amicable resolution not be reached, any disputes shall be transferred to the competent Court of Law in Lithuania for further resolution.